Corat Coret di Tembok Tetangga, 150 x 220 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2007

Corat Coret di Tembok Tetangga, 150 x 220 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2007

EDDIE HARA. Born In Salatiga, Central Java,November 10, 1957 Indonesia. Educations: 1980-1989 – Indonesian Institute of Arts (ASRI/ISI) Yogyakarta, Indonesia / 1989-1990 – AKI Akademie voor Beeldende Kunst Enschede, The Netherlands. Solo Exhibitions: 1989 – Atelier Thomi Keller, Basel, Switzerland; The Hidden Mountain, De Schone Kunsten, Heemstede, The Netherlands / 1990 – Galerie Kolin, Zug, Switzerland; Galerie Frenhover, Enschede, The Netherlands / 1993 – Pacifico Weirdo – Vibrations From Beyond The Pacific Rim, De Schone Kunsten, Haarlem / 1996 – Christoph Merian Stiftung (CMS) Atelier, Basel, Switzerland; ‘The Crowded Universe of EddiE haRa’, Alten Spritzenhaus, Bahlingen a.K, Germany; ‘Artrock 99’, La Pasarelle, St. Brieue, France / 2000 – ‘Work on Paper’, Bentara Budaya Gallery Yogyakarta / 2001 – Ost-West Galerie, Riehen, Switzerland / 2002 – ‘Sweet Beast’, Galeri Semarang, Semarang. Group Exhibitions: 1995 – Sanggar Dewata Group, Yogyakarta & Ubud (Bali) / 1996 – Depot Java – Bali, De Schone Kunsten Gallery, Haarlem, The Netherlands / 1997 – ‘AWAS’, Australian Center of Centemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia; ‘AWAS!’, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima, Japan & ‘AWAS!, W 139, AmsterdamThe Netherlands.

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